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How to Cure Impetigo in 3 Days Or Less

If you’re currently suffering from Impetigo, or your child is, I’m sure you are extremely eager know how to cure Impetigo as fast as possible. If you read below, you will find out many easy steps you can take immediately to cure Impetigo in less than 3 days. First, understand that Impetigo is a bacterial infection. Since Impetigo is contagious, the primary way you can get it is by being exposed to someone who has Impetigo. It usually enters through the nose, mouth, or breaks in the […]

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Fast Cure for Impetigo

I get asked all the time, “What is the best cure for Impetigo?” There a variety of them. While your doctor will most likely prescribe you harmful anti-biotics or a toxic lotion to cure Impetigo, you’d be surprised to know that this isn’t the safest or the most effective route. The worst thing you can do is to “sit and wait” for it to magically heal on it’s own. You’re looking at 7-21 days of recovery time if you do this, and it will not be a […]

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Quick Remedies to Stop Impetigo

Due to the highly contagious aspect of Impetigo, it’s in the best interest of the sufferer to get rid of Impetigo as quickly as possible. However, since there are differing strengths of the disease, a “cure” will depend on how severe the Impetigo is. Impetigo is caused by both the staphylococcus and streptococcus bacterias. There are two different “types” of Impetigo, one that creates non-bullous sores and one that creates just bullous. In both cases, the sores turn into blister-like lesions which after bursting will crust over. […]

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